INTRO:   F#m   D   A   E     F#m   D   B

          C#m          A        B
Sovereign Lord is Your presence far?

          C#m             Amaj7    E            B
Fill this void, fill this heart, I love who You are

        C#m              A     B
Let the strength of Your glory fall

       C#m        Amaj7   E        B
Let it rain cover me, I receive it all

F#                   A
All Your wonders so amazing

            F#                   A    B E
The King of Kings a Prince never changing

           F#/E             A
  Glorious God, You are the light of day

                   B            E
  In Your presence darkness is erased

           F#/E               A
  Glorious God, You spoke the universe

         G#7               D   B
  With a Word (You are the Word)

          C#m         A         B
Sovereign Lord let me know Your voice

         C#m               Amaj7          E           B
Still my thoughts, rest my soul, come and silence the noise

        C#m              A      B
Let the strength of Your Spirit rise

       C#m          Amaj7        E                B
Let my praise be sincere, let me see through Your eyes

A                   B
You deserve all the glory  (x2)

END:   F#m   D   A   E     F#m   D   B

Copyright 2003 David Zaffiro (publishing by Barkloid Music, ASCAP) and Tina Osborn (DDO Publishing)