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"With The Morning's Dawn"

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Crying Out to You
Glorious God  
With the Morning's Dawn  
You Are With Me  
There Is No Other Name
You Shine
One Day    
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The song below features Margaret Gloyd singing lead vocals with Tina on background vocals.
Written by Mike Ramshaw and produced by David Gloyd and Mike Ramshaw:

I Live For You

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All songs Copyright Tina Osborn. We encourage making copies for non-commercial purposes - share these songs with your friends. Songs, lyrics, and chord sheets may be freely reproduced for worship use. Please ask for permission before re-recording these songs on other music projects.

Tracks 1-4 produced & Mixed by David Zaffiro for Tea Time Productions, Franklin, TN
Mastered by Jeff Bagget, Franklin Mastering, Franklin, TN

    Guitars: David Zaffiro
    Bass: Chris Kent
    Piano: Tina Osborn
    Background Vocals: Lisa Murray, Jacinda Carey

Design: Trinity Graphics, Saint Louis, MO
Photography: Roy Osborn (with a lot of help from Bryce Bennett)

Crying Out To You and You Are With Me written by Tina Osborn (DDO Publishing)
Glorious God and With the Morning’s Dawn written by David Zaffiro (publishing by Barkloid Music, ASCAP) and Tina Osborn (DDO Publishing).

You Shine and There Is No Other Name produced by David Gloyd.